KPM Italia is a national logistics operator able to provide logistics services in the food sector (dry and controlled temperature), compatible food, drinks and liqueurs, household cleaning products, personal care products and pet food.

The use of high technologies and the compliance with quantity standards have led KPM to establish itself as a reliable and flexible partner in logistics outsourcing projects.


Nationwide coverage for the distribution of products to all retail distribution channels.


Planning of shipping orders, management of web and non-web bookings, authorised withdrawals, reverse logistics, ad hoc services… using the most up-to-date information technology to support logistics and distribution operators.


KPM Italia has covered and uncovered warehouses and depots in which to organize and monitor the whole logistical-distribution process, allowing the customer the timely management of a production increase.
  • Management with serial numbers and production batches
  • Product traceability
  • Management with LIFO/FIFO/FEFO logic
  • Management of stocks and references
  • Rotatory inventories
  • Interface heterogeneous systems


KPM Italia operates mainly but not only in the food and beverage, Petfood and non-food sectors.