About Us


KPM was founded in 2011 as an industrial transportation company. Since then KPM has been growing steadily in order to respond more and more efficiently and professionally to the needs of the market. In 2013, it implements its business in the distribution and warehouse logistics sector.

As time goes by, establishing itself more and more as a reliable partner, capable of offering long-term partnerships on advanced logistics outsourcing projects, KPM makes itself known to numerous companies that entrust it with their logistics and distribution business.

Always attentive to market developments and anticipating customers’ needs, KPM specialises in the Food, Petfood and Personal care sectors.

The company is mainly dedicated to serving the modern large-scale distribution channels GDO.

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Kpm addresses companies that are constantly developing, with expanding production needs and therefore looking for new solutions such as logistics outsourcing

KPM provides logistics services in the food (dry and/or temperature-controlled) and food-compatible sectors. With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, it establishes itself as a reliable and flexible partner, able to guarantee customised logistics services by proposing optimised solutions, created ad hoc according to the needs of individual customers.

The ability to manage the increase in volumes handled and still ensure compliance with standard delivery lead times are elements that guarantee continuity of service even in complex conditions.

Reactivity is one of the fundamental characteristics of the company, which is able to intervene with immediacy in solving daily critical situations.